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His roles also involved offering a brokerage service to provide schools with information and impartial advice about the available range of STEM programmes, resources and activities to enhance and enrich the curriculum.


Collectively, Dr. Martin’s experience make him well positioned to deliver activities which enthuse and inspire young people about STEM. All his activities aim to keep participants fully engaged with a significant emphasis on the application of key life skills including teamwork, problem solving and communication.


Dr. Martin has been delivering activities into schools since January 2011.

About Dr. Martin


Dr. Martin Carette is a friendly, down to earth, former research scientist with a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) who delivers high quality, hands-on STEM curriculum enrichment activities on a self-employed basis, trading as Dr. Martin.


Dr. Martin’s background is within the life sciences. He graduated in 1984 with first class honours in biochemistry/physiology and subsequently gained a doctorate from Manchester University in 1992 for his research to help better understand how the roof of the mouth develops in mammals. Dr. Martin can be seen wearing a Tudor bonnet during his doctoral graduation ceremony (below). A similar one makes an appearance in the Dr. Martin logo.

Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin worked for 10 years as a postdoctoral scientist in medical genetics making specialised resources (cells) from patients with chromosome abnormalities to assist mapping of human genes. He has a continuing personal interest in the life sciences, particularly in relation to the origin of life and the origin of complex life on Earth.


In 2003, Dr. Martin began a seven year period working for an Education Business Partnership during which time he developed, administered and delivered an extensive portfolio of events and activities to promote STEM to young people.