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Giant Tetrahedron

Pupils: KS2 (Years 3 - 6), KS3 and KS4

Duration: 60 min - half day

The Giant Tetrahedron is a highly motivational activity that combines construction, practical maths and problem solving skills. It provides an exciting opportunity to develop team building and collaborative working skills through the construction of a substantial and inspiring 4m high Giant Tetrahedron using only wooden dowels and elastic bands.


Venue requirements

The venue requirements are straightforward. The activity only requires adequate floor space for participants and the completed structure together with a minimum ceiling height of 4m (school halls are usually ideal). The activity can also be delivered outdoors, weather permitting.


Versatile Tetrahedron

Delivery is always tailored to your requirements in relation to group sizes (maximum of 64 pupils) and available time. A mini team challenge can be incorporated for group sizes up to 36.


Tetrahedron Maths

The maths component is delivered at a level appropriate for the age and ability of the pupils taking part and can range from simple mental arithmetic to the application of Pythagoras' Theorem using work sheets.


Extension Activities

One of Dr. Martin's competitive half day STEM Challenges makes the perfect partner to a morning Giant Tetrahedron by giving pupils the opportunity to apply what they have learned about structural strength.


Optional cross-curricular enrichment

Pupils (at KS2) have the option to make and illustrate card equilateral triangles in advance of Dr. Martin's visit (instructions provided). The triangles which have been personalised by the pupils give the completed structure heightened visual impact. They can be illustrated according to a particular class topic or theme or simply in an abstract decorative way and can be retrieved after the activity for future use in school (classroom wall display?)

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