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Dr. Martin has also adapted a number of activities to create a short six week programme suitable for your after school STEM Club.(please enquire).

Dr. Martin is pleased to offer a KS2 STEM day which makes his hands-on STEM activities more accessible to a greater number of KS2 pupils. This makes it an ideal choice for your Science or Maths weeks. All the educational and fun elements are condensed into shorter (60 - 75 min) sessions and Dr. Martin will deliver four of these in a typical school day working around all your scheduled breaks.


The available activities, some of which are unique to the KS2 STEM Day, are summarised on this page together with the table below indicating their suitability for specific Year groups. All the activities can be delivered to single classes of up to 36 pupils.


Start planning your day by selecting a preferred activity for each of your Year Group classes then contact Dr. Martin to make a booking enquiry.  

Activity Planner (web)

Venue Requirements

Please be aware that there are specific venue and set up requirements for each activity and a number of them will require use of the school hall.

Bridges K'Nex Vehicle 2 P1100707 MATHSterclass (web) St. Mary's Newchurch maths


KNex Tower Web 2

K'Nex Vehicle Challenge


Buckyballs (Polyhedra Maths)

Buckyballs (Carbon)

K'Nex Tower


Tower Challenge



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Working in small teams, pupils use K'Nex to construct a vehicle to carry the maximum load possible along a short course.

Pupils make single, and then progressively larger, tetrahedrons and tackle maths and problem solving questions that relate to the structures.  

Pupils learn about different types of bridge and test the load bearing capability of bridges they have made using pieces of wood, with and without elastic bands!

Pupils work in pairs to attempt a variety of appropriately graded maths and problem solving activities.

Pupils compete in small teams to construct the tallest freestanding tower with wooden dowels and elastic bands using a fixed budget.

Pupils compete in small teams to construct the tallest freestanding tower with K'Nex.

Pupils explore the mathematical properties of a variety of polyhedra and make a model of a truncated icosahedron (Buckyball).

Pupils are introduced to atoms and learn about the different forms of pure carbon including Buckyballs.