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Pupils: KS2 (Years 3 - 6) and KS3

Duration: 60 - 75 min

MATHSterclasses are fun and inspirational maths and problem solving activity sessions that will keep every participant fully engaged. The resourced activities are presented on A3 laminated card set out on tables within a hall or large classroom.


MATHSterclasses typically involve a single class of mixed ability pupils working in pairs (but for small groups pupils can work individually). Each pair will attempt to solve the activities, one at a time, in a random manner, and try to complete as many as they can in the allocated time.


Pupils must have their solution to each activity approved by a helper before moving on to the next. The number of each successfully completed activity is recorded on a tracking sheet which also doubles up as a 'working out' sheet.


Each activity session includes a set of appropriately graded activities which aim to stimulate maths and problem solving thought processes and leave pupil participants with a positive 'can do' outlook.



MATHSterclass activity sessions run best with the support of any available teachers and teaching assistants whose role is to check solutions and record completed activities on the pupil tracking document.


In some circumstances, older pupils from within school may benefit from performing these supporting roles.


A comprehensive solutions file is given to each helper to enable guidance to be offered when appropriate.

Carr Head Primary School 16th February 2011