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"This was the second time we had made a Giant Tetrahedron, but the final construction still had the WOW factor!  Although the Y3 and Y4 children needed a fair amount of help they very much enjoyed the experience. It is a super way to investigate the properties of a 3D shape.


Thank you for your contribution to Maths Week. It was very successful".


Janis Burdin (Headteacher), Moss Side Primary School, Leyland

"Thank you very much for visiting us. What a fantastic morning we had! The children were enthusiastic and motivated from the start. It was a joy to see them collaborating so well together as they took part in friendly competition".


"The mathematical problem solving that was involved kept all of the children thinking about how the different stages were going to help make the end product.They were amazed at the size of it and that it was their own work. They were so proud, they wanted to show the whole school what they had made! We are still talking about it today!"


Miss Charnock (Year 3 and 4 Class teacher), Withnell Fold Primary School, Chorley

"Thank you very much for a wonderful day. All the year 4, 5 and 6 pupils who took part in the activity had a fantastic time. It was great to see the children working together, sharing ideas, discussing, problem solving and trying to construct a giant tetrahedron. They had to think and work things out, which is why your activity fit so well into our "Work It Out Week". One child in my class built her own tetrahedron with pencils and elastic bands and could remember they were all equilateral triangles. I feel it is a day they will remember as they not only learned but had fun too!!!"


Ashley Clayton (Deputy Headteacher), Gillibrand Primary School, Chorley

"The activities with Dr. Martin were a highlight of our numeracy week. We wanted the children in our school to experience an engaging practical activity where everyone, regardless of ability, would be able to take an active role in their learning. Moreover, we wanted the children to leave the session with the feeling that 'Maths is fun.' Building the Giant Tetrahedrons in our hall more than exceeded our expectations in those regards. Working with Dr Martin put the 'WOW' into our numeracy week and we hope to see him again soon".


Graham Clements (Numeracy Subject Leader), Medlar with Wesham Church of England Primary School

"Thank you for visiting our school during Science Week. I am writing to you today because I thought your talk was very interesting and I loved making your tetrahedrons. I liked stages one, two, three and four, they were all so fun because I like working in a group and individually".  Zoe


"Thank you for coming to our school for Science Week. I really enjoyed making the tetrahedrons. I was interested in how you made them and I liked working in a team. I thought it was very fun and interesting at the same time".  Lydia


"I really enjoyed building huge tetrahedrons. Our Science Week was amazing, but you got it to that level". Cameron


"My favourite bit was when we made the stage ones because it was the trickiest bit and some of us found it hard so others helped them. I hope you can teach us again one day. I think you were a very good teacher". Harrison


"I really liked following your instructions, they were really clear so noone made a mistake and you knew exactly what you were doing". Charlie


Pupils, Laneshawbridge Primary School, Colne

"I thought the tetrahedron activity was a fantastic consolidation opportunity for our year 11 pupils. They were all engaged throughout the morning and the competitive aspect of the task encouraged them even more!. It was great for them to see the tetrahedron being constructed and to discuss the mathematics behind it during the 10 minute worksheet activity".


Bethan Dyer (Teacher), Central Lancaster High School

"We really enjoyed the MATHSterclass sessions yesterday - it is always fascinating observing children as learners in new contexts, so there were some really positive outcomes for us. We felt that the pitch of the problems and puzzles was just right for our children and were impressed by the wide range of skills covered - there was something for everyone in terms of learning style. Our more able pupils enjoyed the competitive aspect of the sessions, though SEN pupils were nonetheless able to experience success".


"That all the children managed to concentrate and apply themselves for a full hour is testament to the quality of the activities - the level of engagement was fantastic"


"Having organised Maths Week events myself in schools, I appreciate the amount of time and effort that has gone into preparing the activities - so thank you for the work you saved us on that front!"


Donna Sulley (Headteacher), Carr Head Primary School, Poulton-le-Fylde

"Dr. Martin ran a series of Feeder Primary School 'Disaster Challenge' days for us. All abilities could be involved in the Challenge and students felt that they had achieved many STEM skills from working as a team on the Challenge. The primary students thoroughly enjoyed the Challenge and relished the competitive nature of it".


Janine Nicholas, Specialism Manager, Hameldon Community College, Burnley

"The scenario was convincingly presented and the students set about completing the task with enthusiasm. The Disaster Relief Challenge is nicely divided up into different sections which provide variety and maintain interest. Anticipation builds at the end as the final scores are totalled up and the winner is announced.

The students benefitted by experiencing teamwork, having to work to a tight deadline and the chance to compete against each other.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you Doctor Martin."


Ken Daykin (Physics Teacher), Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

"On Tuesday, Doctor Martin came into our school to do some science and talk about differences between graphite and diamond. We also talked about Buckyballs and how they are the shape of footballs. We made the Buckyballs ourselves by using small kits, the tiny pieces in the kits represented atoms. After that, we did a quick game to see who had listened the most by making a circle all with scientific facts about what we had been learning. In the afternoon, Doctor Martin gave us a challenge. We had to make a tower, one like he had shown us, he gave us 100 dowels. The challenge was to make the tallest but stablest structure but try not to use too many dowels because he'd deduct points. My team came 4th, it was a very interesting day and I learned a lot.


I'd highly recommend Doctor Martin as he was not only teaching us facts but we did it in a fun fascinating way". Abbie, Yr 6 pupil, St. Laurence CE Primary School


"Doctor Martin came to our school to teach Year 6 about STEM. This is what we did......  Firstly we compared graphite to diamond. This was very interesting as we learnt about what makes up diamonds and graphite. After that, we made hexagons and pentagons out of plastic tubes representing atoms. In the late morning, we made our Buckyballs. Just before lunch, we played a game where we had to answer questions about what we had learnt that morning. My table came 2nd. In the afternoon we split into groups to make our MegaTowers. We were given a little bit of a tip and were supplied with 100 dowels and elastic bands. I think it was a really fun activity to take part in. Finally, a nanotube consisting of all our tool kit. It grew longer and longer as everyone attached each part to the top. When we had finished, it was the longest hand made tude I have ever seen. I seriously enjoyed the day as we learnt a lot but in a fun way so we didn't get bored of all the facts. Therefore I highly recommend Doctor Martin. It is a good day you wont forget". Lily, Yr 6 pupil, St. Laurence CE Primary School


"All of Doctor Martin's activities are highly recommended. They are thought provoking, exciting and extremely well planned. All of the children had a fabulous day. The day is hands on learning at its most fun. Doctor Martin presents the activities in a highly engaging way and the biggest compliment I can give is that the children keep asking me to bring him back to school"


Mr. A. M. Glynn (Deputy Headteacher), The Parish of St. Laurence Church of England Primary School, Chorley

Carbon with a chance to make Buckyballs with MegaTowers and Nanotubes