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Tetrahedron Maths

The Giant Tetrahedron is ideally suited to maths and problem solving because it provides visual cues from the 3-D structures made during the session. The maths component is tailored so it appropriate for the age and ability of the participating pupils.


The maths and problem solving elements of the activity can be delivered as interactive question and answer exchanges or by means of quiz or worksheets that pupils tackle during, or after, the different phases of construction. Some of the more advanced maths requires the use of an electronic calculator.

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Stage 1 Tetrahedron

Stage 3 Tetrahedron

Stage 2 Tetrahedron

The small sample of questions below span a wide ability range and demonstrate the breadth of maths (number, problem solving, shape, volume, surface area, Pythagoras) that can be incorporated into the Giant Tetrahedron activity.